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Sustainable Quality  




Discover the difference quality makes

    The ILLI cartridge dispenser system was created with only the highest levels of quality and sustainability in mind. With the main goal to eliminate millions of unnecessary individual amenity bottles from our landfills the ILLI aims to not only set the bar but exceed expectation. 


  Certified by the Nordic Eco Label association the ILLI system has not only been vigorously checked to make sure the plastics used in the creation as well use of the ILLI are biodegradable but also all ingredients to create the ILLI formula are responsibly sourced with the highest level of quality.



The largest producer of waste for a standard hotel are the amenity products such as shampoos, conditioner, Body wash, and soaps. 


Continually in the US we use individual amenity bottles with little to no knowledge of the impact it creates on our environment.


Just imagine a 200 room hotel using 3 bottles and 2 soaps per room. at 100% occupancy that hotel is going to use 4,200 individual bottles and 2,800 soaps in 1 Week, most of which will be more than half full or once used. 



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