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ILLI 1 Cartridge System 


         Sustainable Luxury

ILLI 1 open to close

The ILLI 1 Cartridge System 

The ILLI 1 Cartridge system is the original ILLI system created to provide quality and style in a simplistic platform. Many years of research and development led to the creation of the ILLI 1 as a solution to the troublesome, maintenance heavy refillable systems commonly available. 



Composed of only three components the backplate, front plate, and cartridge the ILLI combines simplistic function with the highest quality products.


Adhering to the highest European standards the ILLI system utilizes the highest quality products to create the ILLI product from raw material to final cartridge the highest level of dedication is taken. 


Style created with simplistic function was the focus of the ILLI 1. Utilizing the ILLI's patented valve system built into every 325ml cartridge no product touches the bracket allowing the ILLI is able to go maintenance free with only a simple wipe down.



ILLI 1 cartridge insert
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