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The ILLI System 

ILLI 1 and ILLI 2

       The ILLI system was created as a new revolution in hotel amenity systems. The largest producer of plastic waste in a hotel is due to the individual shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles as well the once used soaps that must be thrown away after each guest. Most of these bottles are still more than half full with most soaps barely used.  


       Throughout Europe a solution to the wasteful nature has been worked on and fine tuned over the last 15 years. From the very start refillable systems began the transition. With many units placed throughout the hotel issues started to arise from the constant maintenance to problematic built in valve systems these refillable units simply did not meet the hotels needs. 



       Seeing the need for a better solution a Danish based inventor knew he could create a a better system with sustainability and style in mind.  


       Afters years of research and development the ILLI 1 cartridge system was created. Established for hotels the ILLI 1 system was created with two major elements at its core, design and simplicity. 


        Designed by the Bonnelycke architects it took many years to get the modern styling just right. With the ever improving hotel designs the look had to be timeless while still providing a simplistic operation. With hundreds of units throughout a hotel even the smallest amout of maintenance equates to a large operation as was seen with refillable systems. 


        Eliminating the built in valve system was revolutionary to create this new age of cartridge based systems. Combining the valve into each cartridge allowed no product to touch the bracket creating a maintenance free platform with cleaning performed with only a simple wipe down with product replacement only taking seconds. 



ILLI 2 on Wood Wall

ILLI 1 Cartridge Unit 

ILLI 2 Cartridge Unit  


ILLI 1 Cartridge System 

  • Stylish Curved front plate 

  • Composed of 3 components 

    • Backplate 

    • Front Plate 

    • Cartridge

  • Simply push the front to operate 

  • 325 ml Cartridge 

  • 3-4 weeks usage for most used products

  • Customizable front plate 

  • Patented valve system in each cartridge 

ILLI 2 Cartridge System 

  • Modern Cylindrical style 

  • 2 components 

    • Bracket 

    • Cartridge 

  • Simplistic operation 

  • 525 ml Cartridge 

  • 5-7 weeks usage for most used products 

  • Squeeze to operate 

  • Patented one way valve system 

  • Customizable Bracket 

  • Maintenance free platform 

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