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When Amenitique started




AQ Custom hotel amenity program
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    Established in 1993 Amenitique has led the way in creating custom amenity programs for high end hotels and resorts. Specializing in custom amenity programs Amenitique works with our customers to tailor their amenity program needs and wants to create the perfect one off amenity program. 


    Scandinavian roots combined with a Florida base sustainability has always been at our core. From first introducing  biodegradable elements to our amenity bottles to most recently our release of the clean, modern ILLI Cartridge system Amenitique has strived to not only meet but exceed Eco-friendly goals of our hotels and the community alike. 


    As a custom manufacturer of amenity programs we can work with our clients to design any combination of items from the soaps to bottles. This unique combination with the ILLI system and custom programs allows us to compliment the ILLI while also creating our clients exact needs. 

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