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Versatility gives the ILLI dispensers many options when it comes to creating a world class experience for your guests. With the ability to customize the face of the ILLI unit options are almost limitless to how extreme a design is wanted.

We work closely with our customers to explore different options in design for their products. From hotel logos on the face to full custom designs, our design team will work with our clients to create front plates that exceed expectations. We can make it happen from the ILLI 1 to the ILLI 2 custom designs are fast becoming increasingly popular.

From the ILLI units themselves to the inserts, we strive to create options to meet our clients specifications. Being able to custom fill inserts allows us to provide our clients with options to promote their own brands. Large chains are increasingly looking to promote their own brands and products. We have the ability to custom fill inserts to a clients specifications as well create retail programs to compliment. Please contact us to let us know your needs and we will do everything we can to meet those desires.