ILLI 2 Cartridge Dispensing Unit-  A new revolution in Eco Friendly Amenities



ILLI 2, 3 bl cartridge in and ourILLI 2 5 together


The ILLI 2 is the second generation of the ILLI systems. Created to provide the same clean modern design of the ILLI 1,
the ILLI 2 still adheres to the top standards of simple to mount and easy to clean. With simplicity and style at the forefront the ILLI 2 is beautiful and simple containing only 2 components:

  • The Bracket

  • The Bottle

3 colors ILLI 2

The ILLI 2 contains the same patented drip free cap as the ILLI 1. Containing 525 ml of Eco Certified product for extend cartridge use. 

Typically lasting 5-7 weeks for the most used product and 8-11 weeks for the less used products such as Conditioner and Body Lotion the ILLI unit is ideal for reducing housekeeping labor allowing time to be better allocated.

Easily maintained, the ILLI 2 cartridge can be switched in seconds, combined with a simple wipe of the bracket the ILLI is completely serviced in seconds from day 1 through the tenure of the ILLI unit. Scandinavian simplicity created for hotels the ILLI unit solves the common refillable units downfall of required monthly container deep cleans and constant valve replacements that require labor as well cost.