ILLI 1 Cartridge Dispensing unit- A new revolution in dispensing units



The ILLI Cartridge unit was created as a solution for hotels to not only reduce plastic waste by 90% but also to the many problems found in common refillable units  from unhygienic conditions to continual necessary maintenance 

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Clean Danish design is evident when looking at the modern shape of the ILLI unit. Designed in collaboration with the Bonnelycke Architects the ILLI unit is aesthetically modern true to Scandinavian Design. The unique design features only 3 components;

  • The backing plate

  • The front plate

  • Insert/Cartridge

Maintenance free, the ILLI contains no mechanical components truly creating ease of use with no worries of buildup of liquid product or broken parts. No necessary labor intensive monthly deep cleans or costly valve replacements as is typical with refillable units.

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Refillable dispensers are plagued with problems, from dirty unhygienic conditions, to expensive replacement parts, and continual necessary labor in monthly maintenance. These are just a few of the many problematic issues with refillable units that cause unnecessary additional costs and labor.

There are many reports coming out stated the dangers of contamination with refillable units. Organiziaitions such as GOJO and The University of Arizona have outlined reports with facts that today 1 in 4 refillable soap dispensers are contaminated with unsafe levels of bacteria.

Without performing necessary maintenance on refillable units unhygienic problems occur such as shown from a cruise we had personally gone on below. See the build up of scrum without cleaning on the left, as well the separation of product  on the left.


(Personal Photos from a refillable Dispenser on a cruise ship)

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Maintenance of the ILLI takes seconds with a simple wipe down of the front plate and replacement of the cartridge the ILLI is fully serviced in 20 seconds.

The ILLI is fully serviced in the time it would take to clean the once used soap bar off the vanity.

Contained in each hermetically sealed ILLI cartridge is the patented drip free valve that is replaced with every cartridge change. The individual valve combined with no mechanical components eliminates continual maintenance cost through the tenure of the ILLI. The simplicity of the ILLI unit benefits the users with no surprise costs from the beginning to the end of use, solving the major flaw in mechanical refillable units that are continual costly problems that only cause frustration and additional costs.

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The ILLI 1 dispenser was created with the commitment to preserve our environment for future generations. One of the only dispensers to obtain the Nordic Swan Eco Label which looks at not only immediate environmental impacts but impacts for years to come.  The ILLI unit sets itself apart from our competitors by openly acknowledging the Green qualities that help to preserve our Environment.

Provide your guests with not only a pleasant Eco friendly experience, provide them with the very best in Green Luxury.

The ILLI is sure to satisfy aesthetic and environmental concerns of even the most demanding of customer.


Our hotel decided to replace out assortment of soap bars and small shampoo bottles with the ILLI Soap Dispenser system. The reason for this decision was primarily of financial nature. For some time, our hotel had been interested in dispenser systems, but simply could not find a dispenser, which met our requirements as far as design and functionality were concerned.

With the ILLI Dispenser system, we were presented with a solution, which combined the financial advantages of a dispenser system with an elegant and functional design. The simple construction of the ILLI Dispenser system has proven popular among our guests in addition to being time saving for housekeeping.

Since the installation of the ILLI dispensers, we have monitored soap and shampoo consumption, and we are happy to say that both our financial targets and our consumption targets have been met. The consumption of soap is less then 7 ml per guest, and Shampoo is just 10 ml per guest.

From an environmental point of view, we are also quite pleased with the result since we have reduced plastic waste from guest cosmetics to just 1.8 grams per guest.

Hanne Berg – executive housekeeper

Clarion Hotel Ernst (Choice Hotels)

Kristiansand, Norway

Hanne Berg, Executive Housekeeper