About Amenitique


Supplying the Hotel Industry with High-end, custom amenities since 1993

Between our European warehouses and worldwide network of distributors, we deliver & service customers in over 25 countries.

Our customers are at the forefront of what we do, we work with selective clients enabling us to constantly provide unparalleled service & quality. We’re continuously improving our product development, always utilizing the newest of technology.

our history

1980′s  -  Amenitique started in Europe – Today we’re wide spread with sister companies throughout Europe & Asia.

1993 -  Amenitique, Inc. was started in Tampa, Florida.

1996 –  Amenitique becomes one of the top producers of High End Custom Amenity Programs for clients around the World

1999  -  The dispenser Evolution began to spread throughout Europe, huge environmental benefits further interest into this concept

2000  -  The ILLI began to materialize with a need to find a solution to the many issues of common refillable units

2002  -  The ILLI started to gain traction throughout the hotel industry with its Sleek look and ease of use

2007 – Cartridge closed system become standard for hotels furthering the ILLI’s many advantages

2012  -  Seeing deamnd for a Greener solution in the US, Amenitique started to increasingly promote the ILLI dispenser

2014  -  Today more than 600,000 hotel guests use the ILLI unit throughout 28 countries every day

What We Do


We design, manufacture, and supply custom bathroom amenities for hotels & resorts all over the country.


We are proud to work with our select client base allowing us to constantly provide unparalleled service & quality.


With the ever changing hospitality industry we searched for a green alternative that would that would not only provide cost savings but would be accepted to guests. We’re here introducing the ILLI Dispensing unit.


Here are just a few of our clients from over the past few years – Hilton, El Conquistador, Mandarin Oriental Hotels, The Royal Hawaiian, Le Pavillon, Mauna Lani, The Pfister Hotel, and many more