The ILLI cartridge Dispensing unit was created as a solution to the millions of amenity bottles ending up in our landfills everyday.

Imagine every occupied hotel room in the country throws away an average of 2 plastic amenity bottles per guest per night with 60% content still unused. These numbers equate to millions of non biodegradable amenity bottles sitting in our landfills for hundreds of years with thousands of gallons in unused product seeping into our ground.

By simply utilizing the ILLI System instead of individual amenity bottles in your hotel plastic reduction will go down by 90%.From our Scandinavian Roots we are committed to preserving our delicate Eco system. Help us in our journey to decrease waste and promote a more sustainable world.

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About us

Amenitique has been consistently servicing the hospitality industry since 1993. Between our European warehouses and worldwide network of distributors, we deliver & service customers in over 25 countries.

With the ever changing Hospitality industry we saw a need for a Greener solution to the millions of Amenity bottles ending up in our Landfills. We found the ILLI to be that solution, with an unparalleled design combined with ease of function there is no other Dispenser on the market that matches the ILLI Units advantages.

Our customers are at the forefront of what we do, we work with selective clients enabling us to constantly provided unparalleled service & quality. We’re continuously improving our product development, always utilizing the newest of technology.

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About Cartridge Dispensing Units